Sandy Mamoli

Author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel”, Director of All Things Agile at Nomad8

I am an Agile enterprise coach and consultant at Nomad8 with a focus on culture and leadership. I moved to New Zealand in 2007 (for a brief trial period) and have been living in Wellington and Auckland ever since. From working with global enterprises in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen to being one of NZ’s leading coaches, I bring my practical European flair and passionate advocacy of all things Agile to businesses around the world.

My successful coaching at Trade Me saw me helping to also transform the wider organisation into a fully functioning Agile enterprise. Together we have made ground-breaking in-roads into integrating Agile across the business, introducing cross-team efficiencies and vastly improving the ‘getting shit done’ measures. Not to mention co-inventing and successfully running the world’s largest self-selection event!

I’m a former Olympian, a geek, a gadget junkie, international speaker and author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel”. I know quite a lot about Agile.